Marko Foam Stand-Up Paddleboard Blanks

MARKO’S SUP CORES: Our SUP blanks are second to none. Marko revolutionized the SUP market by introducing the industry’s FIRST pressure molded SUP blanks. 10’6 and 12’0 block foam blanks are currently in stock with a 3/16 bass stringer. (check out our CATALOG for more information) Please stay tuned for more on our pressure molded SUP’s!

Pressure Molding

Pressure Molding allows us to thoroughly and evenly fuse the blanks throughout for ease of shaping by CNC or by the hand craftsman. Marko can achieve a wide variety of foam densities and can control weights in small increments to get the right blank for your needs. From super lightweight blanks for composite construction, big wave boards and all the way to the heavy "Tow In" densities. Pressure molding EPS is critical to minimize water absorbency and maximize strength.

Surfboard Blanks Surfboard Blanks

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