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For more than 50 years, Marko Foam has been a leader in designing, manufacturing and testing high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging solutions. During this time we have set the standard in our industry, introducing technically advanced processes and innovative products. Our latest innovation is the Marko Box. The Marko Box solution is more than a single insulated container. Rather, it comprises a number of interchangeable EPS bases and tops. So you can build many different containers according to your specific needs. This introduces the critical advantage of scalability. Simply put, scalability refers to how well a solution to a problem will work when the size of the problem increases.

Marko Boxes Specs...

The Marko Box is a temperature-assurance packaging solution. It is an EPS insulated container designed to ship products at optimal temperature. The bases and tops used to create a Marko Box come in different depths and wall thicknesses. These interchangeable components are made from heavy-duty, durable EPS. The boxes feature air-tight, locking tops to resist moisture and prevent leaks. The Marko Box is suited to a wide range of industries whose products are perishable or temperature-sensitive. These include the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

In addition to scalability, the economic advantages of the Marko Box packaging solution are numerous. It leads to lower costs by reducing inventory and the space necessary to store that inventory. It also increases sustainability by reducing waste. Environmental sustainability and "Green" production are important issues in the modern manufacturing world. Marko Foam continually strives to be a corporate leader in these vital areas. Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight, rigid cellular plastic that contains 98% air, and is completely inert. It is 100% recyclable. So EPS-insulated Marko Boxes are 100% recyclable. And they can be molded from 100% recycled industrial waste.

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Interchangeable Base & Tops

  • Reduce Packaging Inventory
  • Lightweight - Reduce Shipping Costs
  • Durable - Less Breakage
  • Leak Resistant
  • Perfect for Temperature Sensitive Materials
  • Insulated Container Specs
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