Insulated Medical Containers

Marko Foam is a leader in the design, manufacture and test of high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging solutions for the biomedical industry. In shipping life-saving products such as medicines, organs, test serums and live tissue, thermal management is a critical issue. Marko Foam insulated medical containers are manufactured to the precise temperature-sensitive needs of today’s medical industry. All of our EPS medical containers are thoroughly tested to meet these stringent requirements.

Insulated Medical Containers Specs...

Marko Foam insulated medical containers are made from heavy-duty, durable EPS. Our diverse product line features a variety of styles, sizes and densities. Air-tight, locking tops ensure moisture resistance, preventing leaks and the growth of mold and bacteria. Compared to traditional medical shipping boxes, our insulated EPS containers are lighter and more durable, making them a more economical alternative.

Choosing the right solution for your medical shipping needs can sometimes be challenging. There are different foams with different cell structures and characteristics. Even foams within the same material group (EPS, for instance) may differ vastly in density, firmness and thermal sensitivity. That’s why Marko Foam is the smart choice. In addition to our pre-molded insulated medical containers, we offer custom-molded boxes for virtually any medical shipping scenario. Simply tell us what the box will hold, at what temperature it must be retained, and for what duration. No matter how unique or complex the specifications, we will design a custom solution that works for you.

Environmental sustainability and "Green" production are important issues in the modern manufacturing world. Marko Foam continually strives to be a corporate leader in these vital areas. Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight, rigid cellular plastic that contains 98% air, and is completely inert. It is 100% recyclable. So Marko Foam EPS insulated medical containers are 100% recyclable. And they can be molded from 100% recycled industrial waste.

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