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Working with the high tech materials of today, Marko specializes in PRESSURE MOLDING EPS, EPE, EPP and Copolymer materials. We have applied our 45 years of manufacturing knowledge and know-how to all types of Surfboards & shaped blanks for water sports.

Pressure Molding allows us to thoroughly and evenly fuse the blanks throughout for ease of shaping by CNC or by the hand craftsman. Marko can achieve a wide variety of foam densities and can control weights in small increments to get the right blank for your needs. From super lightweight blanks for composite construction, big wave boards and all the way to the heavy "Tow In" densities. Pressure molding EPS is critical to minimize water absorbency and maximize strength.

Marko has aligned themselves with long time customer and skilled composite board maker, Jim Richardson of Surflight Hawaii and top board craftsman Jeff Johnston of Shapes Hawaii. They have also been responsible for testing the many sample materials and ultimately the finished product in Hawaiian waters. There are very detailed in their board building approach and have studied the various ways an Epoxy board can be constructed, for high performance surfing, in this new era of flex control.

Marko has also been working extensively with knowledgeable surfboard craftsman, Bill Reidel of Stretch boards. Through his understanding of surfboard construction and performance we have been able to fine tune our process and supply a consistent blank for Stretches high quality surfboards. Together we've tuned in specific foam densities, and made overall blank improvements to add to the durability of the stretch board.

From the beginning Marko has worked closely with Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards to develope a parabolic blank line. Through Matt's board knowledge, and Marko's know how, together we have created a consistent line of parabolic blanks. Marko now offers a full line of stock Parabolic blank outlines including our latest creation in flex control, the Tribolic.™.

Marko has long been involved with shapers and idea guys interested in testing alternative, cleaner, surfboard materials and creating the next viable surfboard. We understands the mindset needed to serve the surfboard manufacturing community and are committed to helping new customers make the transition to modern day high performance surfboard materials.

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