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Here at Marko Foam, we are committed to zero waste manufacturing. At our facilities we make sure that all foam scraps and materials used are recycled and repurposed into our products.

Our surfboard sustainability efforts are world renown. For more information, you can check out our sustainable efforts in the surfboard industry HERE.

Expanded Polystyrene is not made with any Chlorofluorocarbon, HCFC or HFC gases. Chlorofluorocarbon have been shown to be harmful to the environment.


Molded Expanded Polystyrene is non-toxic and totally inert. It's basic chemical makeup consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; elements found in wood and other organic materials. It is also totally absent of any nutritional value so no fungi or micro organisms can grow within expanded polystyrene.


Expanded polystyrene that finds it way to the landfill brings advantages. Since it is inert, non-toxic and not biodegradable, the landfill site becomes more stable due to the brokenexpanded polystyrene acting as a soil conditioner that improve drainage and aeration of the compacted soil. The expanded polystyrene will not leach to any substance into groundwater or form explosive methane gas.


The manufacturing process of expanded polystyrene presents no danger to health while in close contact and handling. We have had no reported expanded polystyrene health related problems with employees in over 50 years of manufacturing expanded polystyrene.

Professional surfer Rob Machado uses our enviro foam to shape surfboards used from our recycled regrind expanded polystyrene.

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